How to create a WhatsApp group link Simple steps by steps

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We are also used WhatsApp application but don’t know “How do create WhatsApp group link?”. This article we are shear today with you to how to create WhatsApp group link. Why are we creating a WhatsApp group? Not Posible for every Friends number save contact list. When We save any number phone contact list so this number is a Whatsapp number then the number showing WhatsApp contact list. Somebody not doing Creating WhatsApp group link for shear with friends. Today we are gone tell you a straightforward way step by step. to create Whatsapp group links.

How to create a WhatsApp group link Simple steps by steps 1
Whatsapp group links

#Step 1

  • Open the google play store

#Step 2

  • Download official WhatsApp Application

#Step 3

  • Update Your WhatsApp Application

#Step 4

  • Find your WhatsApp Groups your WhatsApp chat contact list.

#Step 5

  • Click or open the Group

#Step 6

  • Click on the Settings option on the top right side thee dot icon

#Step 7

  • Then open the Group Info option.

#Step 8

  • then Click the Add Participant

#Step 9

  • Click on the top invite group via the link.

#Step 10

  • Now wait a moment, that’s it. group link successfully created

#Step 11

  • Then copy Group link

#Step 12

  • Sent link via WhatsApp

#Step 13

  • Share link any social Media

#Step 14

  • Revoke Link.

This the effortless way of creating a WhatsApp group link. I know you understand these tips, But you are showing any problem for creating WhatsApp group links. Contact with us via comment box and contact form I will reply next one week.

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